La casa delle Allodole

Surrounded by a large garden, you will find every comfort here and will be greeted with courtesy and kindness. Our rooms, all with large private bathrooms, are simple but welcoming and attended to in every detail.

For us, it's important that every aspect is appreciated and welcomed by our guests. At breakfast, you'll be able to sample homemade fruit tarts, fragrant apple cakes or Bundt cakes baked by the owner according to ancient recipes passed down in our family for generations.

So many goodies and homemade products await! 

Our B&B is like a lark (allodola in Italian), the morning messenger bringing light. At our House you'll find a space to relax, walk among nature, appreciate the simple and magical things that we have to offer.

"When I go there,
I feel at home"

Our B&B is nestled in the heart of the lowlands: it's like entering an ancient village where you feel at home, welcomed and cosy, simple and private, with soft colours and an intense light.

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